My Projects

Meeting Spot
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A Rails web application that suggests places to meet based on travel time.

  • Leveraged the Google Maps API to calculate a center point by public transit travel time.
  • Employed the Google Places API to recommend central restaurants, bars, and cafes to meet at.
  • Utilized closures and timeouts to work around Google API limits when requesting directions.
Spider Solitaire
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A client-side web application utilizing the JQuery library with a Sinatra backend.

  • Tracked states of cards to determine validity of attempted moves.
  • Maintained a score based on number of moves and sets completed.
The Game of Life
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A Sinatra web application with an AngularJS front-end to display the Game of Life.

  • Calculated moves of the game in Sinatra to be sent in batches to be rendered in Angular.
  • Implemented AJAX requests to maintain a queue of moves to be rendered sequentially client-side.
  • Leveraged sessions to store the game board in Sinatra and remove the need for post requests.
Are You Still Sad? Emergency Compliments.
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Feeling glum? What better than cats, men, and compliments to cheer you up? Built with Ruby on Sinatra.

What Alien are You?
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A fun, silly quiz. Find out what kind of alien you are!


A playlister app which looks up a selection of artists, genres, and songs.

Rock, Paper, Scissor

The classic fight of rock, paper, scissor. Who will win? Built in Ruby.

Class Directory

A command-line Ruby app to scrape the class website and launch blogs and twitter pages for classmates.


Tic-tac-toe, played in the console. Built in Javascript.

Tri-Color LED

A tri-color LED that changes colors when you squeeze a pressure sensor. Built with Node JS and Johnny-Five, with Arduino.